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Tomatoes and Eczema

I have been hearing a lot about tomatoes and all the nightshade family of vegetables aggravating the symptoms of Eczema. Anyone who suffers with Eczema will know just how debilitating it can be and will be keen to try out different ways to alleviate the symptoms. It might be worth trying a diet without any nightshades (that includes Tomatoes) for four weeks to see if it helps (but always consult your doctor or nutritionist first). I’m not suggesting it will work for everyone, but the benefits of a nightshade free diet has certainly worked wonders for some, including some high profile and well known “foodies” such as Masterchef judge John Torode (article from the Daily Mail), and Craig Sams (co-founder of Green & Blacks chocolates – article from the Guardian).

I’ll have a hunt around and dig up as much info I can on the subject and add it to the resources section. If you know of any related sites, please let me know 🙂  Thanks!

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