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Tomato Free Sauce & Ketchup

Allergy sufferers, your desire for spaghetti bolognese, pizza, lasagne, baked beans, delicious burger with lashings of ketchup or in other words whatever yummy tomato based recipe takes your fancy can become a tomato free reality with Ally’s tomato free sauce!

What we do

In our kitchen, we make small batches from the freshest ingredients leading to excellent quality and taste. We have been making tomato alternatives since 2007. We are a family run business offering our products to the whole of the United Kingdom, via Royal Mail delivery service.

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Tomatoes can make delicious foods, however they can cause some nasty symptoms for many people. For example, symptoms like upset stomach, diarrhoea, migraine, hives, breathing difficulties, eczema and more. Therefore, if you have problems eating tomatoes, try our tomato free sauce instead. To sum up, head over to our shop page now.

The NHS now has some really good information on food allergies and intolerance. If you are experiencing any negative symptoms when eating, firstly get an appointment with your Doctor. Secondly, keep a food diary. Most importantly always seek medical advice before going on a restrictive diet.