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New Cheaper Courier!

We are very pleased to announce a new, less expensive, delivery charge on all of our 4 jar packs of tomato replacement, and Yazz’s Sweet-Chilli-Tastic relish.  Previously you were charged £8.22 (the old Royal Mail First Class rate) for delivery.  However, since they increased their fees to £8.90, we simply couldn’t pass that increase on to our customers as we already felt £8.22 to be excessive.  Therefore, we are very happy to say that we have negotiated and secured a new courier company to handle all the packs of 4, giving a saving to our customers of £2.22 per box of 4!  This is great news for our new and regular customers alike.

We have had some excellent feedback on their service, but we want to make sure we are giving the very best possible service to you, and we can only do that with your feedback.  Any orders on 4 or more jars will be dispatched with our new courier, and we would really appreciate it if you could let us know how they perform. Please leave a comment with your experience (good or bad).  Thank you!