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Is Ally’s No Tomato Sauce a unique product?

I have yet to find a similar product available in the UK.  And trust me, I have searched!  Being unable to eat tomatoes without getting ill means I am always looking for tomato alternatives.  There is one product that crops up quite a lot if you do a search on the internet for “tomato free“, but it is an American product which I have not been able to find in the UK, and any mail-order sites I have found with it say that it is no longer available!  I wonder what happened to them 🙁

If you know of a product on the shelves in the UK that is like “Ally’s No Tomato Sauce”, then please PLEASE let me know.  Because I want to TRY IT!  (although I bet it is not as good) hehe…

Likewise, if I find any products that will make our (tomato intolerance sufferers) lives better, rest assured I will tell you about it here 😀